SFA Pacific, Inc.

SFA Pacific, Inc.

Technology & Economic Consultants

About Us

SFA Pacific specializes in evaluation services in the oil refining, power generation, environmental control, petrochemical and renewable energy industries, market and economic assessment, and business strategy. Our professional staff conducts proprietary technical consulting work for individual client companies, principally major international energy and engineering companies. We also conduct in depth multiclient programs and reports addressing global and regional issues in fuels, chemicals, and electric power. Emphasis is strongly on technology, economics, and markets.

Over the past 33 years, our clients have repeatedly returned to us for straight-forward, practical, objective answers to challenging technical, economic, and business problems that occur in today’s diverse global energy arena. The SFA Pacific staff includes professionals with advanced engineering backgrounds and real-world industrial experience in the fuels, electric power, and chemicals industries. We have no ties to specific business organizations, the development of technology, or plant construction, and no position in product markets or resources. This allows us to maintain complete objectivity in our evaluations. The company maintains a strong international scope as our workload is annually normally well over fifty percent from countries outside the United States.

SFA Pacific, founded in 1980, is located in Palo Alto, California, just to the south of San Francisco. We invite you to send us an email: info@sfapacific.com.